About N49billion to be spent on 10th National Assembly salary, allowances

The Salary and allowances for members of the 10th National Assembly (NASS) are expected to total N49 billion.

According to Punch, the N49 billion covers state and federal legislators’ salaries and allowances.

The information was compiled from a document obtained from the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Allocation Commission’s website.

The amount for a number of the allowances, however, was not disclosed in the data.

N32.60 billion will be spent at the national level, while N16.32 billion will be spent at the state level.

The data shows that the salary of the Senate President is N2.48m each year (about N9.94m in four years) while that of the Deputy President is N2.31m yearly (about N9.24m in four years).

Out of 19 allowances assigned to the Senate President and his deputy, only five allowances were assigned a specific figure.

The disclosed allowances include constituency allowance (250 per cent of the basic annual salary), duty tour allowance (N50,000 per night), Estacode ($1,300 per night), Recess (10 per cent of the basic annual salary) and severance gratuity (300 per cent of the basic annual salary).

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