Ahmed Dangiwa plans to meet Dangote cement manufacturers and other building material providers over issue of increasingly high prices in the nation

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, stated his intention to conduct a meeting with cement manufacturers and other providers of building materials across the country. This crucial step is aimed at addressing the issue of increasingly high prices throughout the nation.

“It is disheartening to see how much Nigerians have to pay for essential building commodities like cement, with the prices rising almost on a daily basis. I don’t understand the reason for this increase, and it is not acceptable.

“I am going to be meeting with these manufacturers soon, so that they can explain to Nigerians their reasons for such incessant hikes. I know that the cement producers source their raw materials in Nigeria.

“The limestone, clay, silica sand, gypsum, iron ore, and the rest. These minerals abound in Nigeria and these manufacturers get them here, so there is no justification to try and blame it all on the rise of dollar,” he argued.

The minister highlighted the importance of fostering a favorable atmosphere for the private sector to flourish, which encompasses measures to ensure that building materials are reasonably priced and readily available.

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