Atiku would be too old to govern the country in 2027 – Bode Goerge Fmr PDP Deputy National Chairman

Former PDP Deputy National Chairman, Chief Olabode George, has appealed to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to shelve his 2027 presidential ambition and allow younger Nigerians to run. 

George made this appeal in an interview on Arise Television on Thursday.

According to George, Atiku would be 81 years old in 2027, and he would be too old at the time to govern the country.

The PDP chieftain noted that Atiku should be like a big uncle in the room, mentoring the younger ones instead of thinking about contesting in 2027.

George said, “My brother Atiku Abubakar was 77 years old last year, and by 2027 he will be 81 years old. Atiku should give room for younger Nigerians, who still have the energy and the brain to develop the country.

“Atiku should be in a situation where he plays like the big uncle in the room or the elder in the room.

“What would anybody carry me now to do because I’m heading to 80 years old and I want to go and be a minister? To do what?

“Let’s mentor the younger generation, and let’s be consistent with our strong belief in our party norms.

“No other party is as entrenched and national in all concepts as the PDP. In 2027, I can’t tell anybody not to contest, but our party must be definitive that the presidency must remain in the South since the North has finished its eight years,” he said.

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