Nigeria Bandits diverts two trucks loaded with smuggled items inside the forest near Katsina State – Comptroller Dalha Wada Chedi announced

Bandits believed to be involved in criminal activities have taken control of two fully loaded trucks containing smuggled goods within a dense forest as they were being transported into Nigeria.

It has been reported that the bandits seized the merchandise after the smugglers opted to utilize the forest to transport the illicit goods a few days ago near the Batsari region in Katsina State.

At a press conference held yesterday, Comptroller Dalha Wada Chedi of the Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone B in Kaduna, announced that smugglers have been utilizing perilous pathways monitored by bandits to illegally bring items into the country.

“We just received the news less than 24 hours ago that bandits have seized two trucks loaded with smuggled items inside the forest. We understand also that a J5 vehicle was also seized by the bandits around that axis,” he said.

The comptroller highlighted that the nation’s borders are excessively permeable, posing a challenge for customs surveillance, particularly in areas where bandits are situated.

The comptroller announced that customs would be collaborating with other security agencies to close off all unlawful borders in areas such as Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Kebbi.

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