Sophia Momodu reacts after netizen claims she is denying Davido access to daughter Imade

Sophia Momodu has refused to be silenced as she continues to reply to critics who criticized her for her ongoing media brouhaha with her baby daddy, Davido.

In response to a man who labeled her as toxic and accused her of preventing her daughter from seeing Davido, the mother of one hit back.

Slamming Sophia, the netizen wrote; “Your own too much jare. You know allow person see him Pikin and you are here been toxic.

If you wanna be a good mother not like this allow your daughter feel fatherly love”.

Sophia asserted that if she is not guilty of the accusations, then someone has been spreading falsehoods to the public.

Furthermore, she emphasized that if she is indeed guilty of the claims, it would mean she is toxic, as every child deserves to have their father involved in their life.
Sophia questioned whether the man would allow others to deceive him and manipulate his intelligence.

She replied; “You’re absolutely right. If indeed I’m guilty of this then it is very “toxic” as every child deserves to have their father in their life. But if NOT then someone has been telling the general public big big lies. G boy, are you going to allow whoever it is lie to you & play with your intelligence anyhow? If I were you I wouldn’t take it”.

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