FG Set To Announce New Productivity-based salary structure for civil servants

FG intends to implement a salary structure for employees based on their performance.

The government announced on Monday, May 13 that they’re rolling out a new pay structure for civil service employees that’s tied to how productive they are at work.

The government noted that, in the system, employees at the same rank may receive different levels of pay.

On Monday, during a gathering with Labour correspondents, Nasir Raji-Mustapha, the Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, revealed this information.

“We are in the process of developing a productivity-led wage system that will ensure that those who are productive are rewarded for their efforts irrespective of their grade level. Under the proposed system, employees on the same salary scale can earn different wages”

“Of course, labour as a critical stakeholder is being carried along in this exercise. As researchers, we don’t just do things without considering the recipient of the reports. He said.

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