Fifty Bureau de Change Operators Arrested by EFCC in Abuja on Monday

50 individuals were arrested following a raid by EFCC on bureau de change operators in Abuja.

In response to the devaluation of the naira, the EFCC has assembled a specialized task force within its divisions to crack down on individuals who are degrading the Naira and causing the Nigerian economy to be dependent on the US dollar.

A Bureau de Change operator named Dayyabu Mistila confirmed to the press that there was a raid and subsequent arrest. Mistila shared that the operatives mentioned the reason for the raid was the increasing exchange rate of the dollar and other currencies in comparison to the naira in the forex market.

“Around 3 pm on Monday, officers of the EFCC raided Wuse Zone 4 and arrested over 50 of our members. They were complaining that BDC operators are responsible for the rising exchange rate of the dollar at the parallel exchange market ” he said.

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