INEC is Operating an Arranged Business – Mahdi Shehu


INEC is Operating an Arranged Business, They know the Governors before the Elections are even conducted – Mahdi Shehu

Political Rights Activist,   Mahdi Shedu has accused INEC of Sabotaging the forthcoming gubernatorial and Assembly elections

He said this during an interview with Arise news

“ Postponing the election is a pre- arranged issue, we have no confidence anymore in INEC because it’s operating an arranged business, they know the Governors before the Elections are even conducted, Yakubu Mahmoud ignored every clarion call and participated and putting in place the most scandalous, the most fraudulent irresponsible election process in the history of Nigeria despite the billions of Naira he requested for.

He further said, “The moment he declared Bola Tinubu President Eect, he remembered the Noble Laureate Chinua Achebe in his book ‘Arrow of God’ which says if you see an old woman dancing in the bush, and you who is watching have not seen any drummer or the music she is dancing to, Chinua Achebe said, if you don’t see the drummer or hear the music that old woman knows the drummer and the musician.

He further refers the INEC Chairman Yakubu Mamood as the woman who is only dancing to the tune of his masters.

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