Lagos airport spends N1billion monthly on electricity – Keyamo

Keyamo unveiled the Aviation ministry’s proposal to utilize solar energy to provide power to the country’s international airports.

He mentioned that by carrying out the plan, the Federal Government could eliminate the monthly expenditure of N1 billion on diesel for lighting at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

In addition to confirming the continued suspension of the contentious Air Nigeria project, Keyamo hinted at upcoming initiatives such as revised airport master plans and a potential reevaluation of the concession agreements for four airports.

“We are making conscious and gradual efforts towards embracing eco-friendly practices which is what the world is about now. Eco-friendly practices and green technologies in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard on the long-term global aspiration goal of net-zero emissions in the aviation sector is what we are targeting.

“Lagos airport alone, I am told we do N1billion monthly on electricity and I said why? I am still trying to crack that. The first thing I told them to do is to bypass the DisCos and go to the GenCos because we are eligible users. So, why do we pay Disco that will add its own profit? So, we want to cut them off and go to the GenCos straight. We are doing that and those concerned are protesting and trying to meet Mr. President.

“By bypassing, we are saving 30 percent, so if we are supposed to pay N1billion, we will pay N700million in terms of consumption because unlike some other airports that we shut down by 6 pm, Lagos and Abuja airports are run 24 hours. All the international airports must run for 24 hours because of flights coming in internationally,” he said.

Keyamo defended the decision to halt the Air Nigeria project started by the former aviation minister, Hadi Sirika, stating that it was not intended to serve the country and its people.

“The Nigeria Air remains suspended, it was never Air Nigeria, it was Ethiopian Air trying to fly our flag.  If it is so, why not allow our local airlines fly our flag, why bring in a foreigner to fly our flag?

‘’So, nobody should deceive you that it was Air Nigeria. Air Nigeria must be indigenous and wholly Nigeria or for the full benefit of Nigeria and not that 60 percent of the profit is for another country. How does that benefit us? So, it remains suspended,” he said.

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