By Comr. Obasekola Olanrewaju


Dear Adedara Daniel

The Student union President Elect, in a few days time, a moment in history will be made with your swearing-in ceremony as you officially transit from a President -Elect to the presiding students union President of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo, Ondo State.

I must extend my congratulations once again to you for the uncommon feat of winning as a non indigene even as your emergence epitomizes a victory for democracy and a reflection of the preference choice of the students, breaking the yoke of godfatherism in the electoral process and system.

In particular, the Germane Stakeholders, Comrade Obasekola PKA Obalee, Suleiman Mariam PkA Richy, Oyegbata Shayo, Akinrimade Dayoola, and others not mentioned with most Students of the faculty of Social Sciences and communication studies and outwards were at the forefront of your campaign and emergence, overcoming the pecuniary temptations and sentiments of the opposition to hand you a resounding victory.

It is crystal clear that the measures and metric of any government is largely how it carries its followership along not just in tokenized gestures but in entrusted positions of authority as parts and parcel of government.

However, I will strongly advise that you make the entire populace of RUGIPO proud especially the students, projecting them as a cornerstone of your leadership in power.

Indeed an history has been made, as our great President is the first SUG President from Ekiti and record breaker after about 15years of not producing the presidential candidate from the Faculty of social sciences and communication studies.

Well, I have no doubt that you will act rightfully as this is at the heart of the support you enjoy amongst the students at large.

Meanwhile, to betray the people of RUGIPO, particularly the Owo indigene, would be to betray the trust of people like us who have used their platforms to canvass for your candidacy, will eventually catalyse a reversal of that wide trust and support.

We, however, stay avowed to your government as we share the conviction that you are a man in touch with the realities of the time and one committed to doing right by the students and the school management.

Congratulations once again, Your Excellency, the President elect, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, may God’s wisdom and knowledge guides you to pilot the affairs of the institute to a greater height.

I remain my humble self, comrade Obasekola Olanrewaju PkA Obalee, an icon of peace, unity and tranquility, emiratus President of social sciences and communication studies.

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