Police arrest Osun man who called for killing of Igbos

The Osun police command has arrested a man who called for the killing of Igbos on social media

Adesogba Adekusibe, 28, had on May 18 tweeted: “Let’s kill all the Igbos.

Let’s flush them out of Yoruba lands. I hate these people with passion. They are violent people. They are the worst. They hate us. Let’s hate them without holding back.”

Mr Adekusibe’s outburst sparked widespread condemnation from Nigerians.

On Friday, police spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi shared a statement indicating the arrest of Mr Adekusibe for “violating social media policy on hate speech.” Nigerians however knocked the police for being hypocritical, having looked away when influential persons in the ruling APC cast similar ethnic slur against the Igbos.

In the heat of the last general election, notable allies of President Bola Tinubu such as then campaign spokesman Bayo Onanuga and notorious Lagos motor park enforcer, Musiliu ‘MC Oluomo’ Akinsanya pushed dangerous ethnic rhetoric against the Igbos and sought their exclusion from Lagos politics, yet the police failed to intervene.

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