Sanwo-Olu criticized FG’s lawsuit against all 36 states

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu expressed his concern regarding Lagos being included in the lawsuit, emphasizing that it was legally incorrect for the Federal Government to bring Lagos to court years after the Local Governments in the State were given full autonomy.

Sanwo-Olu, who expressed his endorsement of the lawsuit, mentioned that the Attorney General of the Federation should have conducted a thorough examination of the states to pinpoint the governors responsible before initiating a sweeping legal action against all states.

He said: “It is interesting to read the news that the Honorable Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation has sued all the 36 states because Governors did not give autonomy to the third tier of government. The only mistake, which I am going to tell our Attorney General, is that, some of us are in compliance.

“The Attorney General should have done his due diligence to identify which states are not in compliance, so that we don’t sue all the 36 states together. You can determine which states are not violating the Constitution. If it is three, four or five states are in compliance, then you can sue the 31 states violating autonomy of the Local Governments. That is part of the back work that we need to do.”

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