Tinubu not after political opposition but corrupt government officials – Fmr PDP Spokesperson, Olisa Metuh

Former spokesperson of the PDP Olisa Metuh has said the anti-corruption efforts under President Bola Tinubu are aimed at corrupt government officials, not the political opposition.

In a press statement yesterday, the former PDP spokesman praised the Tinubu administration’s “genuine, determined and uncompromising fight against corruption and financial crimes.”

Metuh highlighted that this stands in contrast to past administrations, where he said the anti-corruption drive was “merely a political cum campaign tool” used to target opposition figures.

“In the past, the fight against corruption was targeted at diminishing opposition shining talents,” Metuh stated.

However, under Tinubu, Metuh noted that serving ministers and senior officials are being removed from office and face prosecution for graft regardless of political leanings.

“Today, we see serving ministers and people who are holding top offices being removed from office and investigated for prosecution over corruption and financial crimes,” he said.

Metuh lauded the change in approach under Tinubu, saying the anti-corruption effort is now focused on “persons who have questions to answer and not a tool for persecution.”

The former opposition spokesman urged non-partisan support for the administration’s anti-graft campaign

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