Actress Mercy Johnson’s husband dedicates ‘Certificate of Return’ to wife

House of Representatives member-elect for the Esan South-East/Esan North-East Federal Constituency, Odiasen Okojie, has dedicated his certificate of return to his wife, Mercy Johnson.

He made this known on his photo sharing app on Saturday, where he shared photos of himself and his wife.

Praising his wife, Okojie stated “I want you to know that my love and appreciation to you for all your effort to this victory for our Constituency is immeasurable and may God in His infinite Love and Mercy, continue to shine His light of glory on you, for in me is the reflection of that grace, abundance, splendour and grandeur you bare.

“For this and many more, I am dedicating this certificate of Return to you my dear wife. Your quintessential role in the entire process leading up to this win earns it for you. I Love you, Baby!”

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