Cubana Chief priest responds to allegation of him impregnating a Kenyan lady

Pascal Okechukwu aka Cubana Chief Priest the celebrity bar man has responded to Gistlover who broke the news earlier today about a Kenyan Lady who just gave birth to a baby boy for Cubana Chief Priest

This is coming few hours after gistlover blog alleged that Pascal Okechukwu popularly know as celebrity bar man has welcomed a baby boy from a Kenyan lady.

The Kenyan Lady who also claims she didn’t know Cubana Chief Priest was married at the time they met in Lagos.

Cubana Chief Priest through his instagram page has debunk the rumour challenging the Kenyan Lady to pay for the DNA test and he promises to refund the money bobble the expenses if he is the biological father.

“I’m so rich that if I have a child outside my matrimonial hime bliss, no one will know about it. Gist lover feels I can pay him/her for blackmail. Me of all people, if e sure for you, pay for the logisitics for the DNA I go run am, if the baby is mine I will double your expenses and you can’t afford to pay, show yourself, I will spend my money to do it”

He further said, “it is a huge disrespect to me to say my child was born in Kenya of all places, Ago’s forbid, I assemble my babies in Nigeria and make them in America” he brags.

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