India to overtake China as most populous nation in 2023

India will soon replace China as the world’s most populous country, according to estimates by the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA.

By the middle of 2023, India will have almost 3 million more people than China, according to data from the organisation’s World Population Report published on Wednesday.

According to the report, India will then have 1.4286 billion inhabitants and China 1.4257 billion. The total world population is expected to amount to 8.045 billion people.

The UN said that it is not possible to determine the exact date when India will overtake China, given the data available.

In India, for example, the most recent census took place in 2011.

A new census was supposed to follow in 2021, but was postponed.

Population growth in both countries has declined recently. China’s population shrank last year for the first time in six decades. India’s population is expected to continue to grow for the time being.

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